Device Repair

Supporting customer device repair in-store

If you know technology and enjoy saving the day in face-to-face customer interactions, then the Device Repair team may be the right fit for you. Our Device Repair team delivers in-store technical support to keep our customers connected by repairing their mobile devices.

“Working with customers face-to-face allows me to show the value Asurion offers to our clients.”

-Troy G., Service and Repair Manager

The Perfect Device Repair Technician Candidate has…

Tech Curiosity.

Expresses a contagious excitement for consumer electronics and technology

Mental Agility.

Courageously troubleshoots and solves multiple customer issues at once


Keeping high standards for integrity, attention to detail and thriving in change

Premier Customer Service.

Builds a personal relationship with each customer providing them with a premier level experience

Employees Love Working on the Device Repair Team Because…

Opportunities to learn many new skills

Flexible work environment

Competitive pay and benefits package

Ongoing training

Cell phone plan

Advancement opportunities